Taking proper care of your teeth is a huge step toward your overall health and well-being. Neglecting dental care at home and failing to attend regular dental visits most likely can and will lead to dental disease. Dental disease(s) has/have recently been found to have a correlation to some unfavorable medical conditions.

Additionally, failing to properly care for one’s teeth may lead to the development of caries, more commonly referred to as decay. Dental decay can occur early on during teeth development, even in infants. Sunrise recommends children should be seen initially around the age of three (3), unless there is some immediate concern about their child’s teeth (trauma to mouth, etc.)

Decay is typically detected or becomes evident to the hygienist and/or dentist during the clinical exam at the initial and/or recare appointment and possibly in conjunction with the examination of radiographs (commonly referred to as X-rays). Depending upon the extent of the decay, you may or may not experience pain in the area of the decay. As some decay may be undetectable to the naked eye; e.g interproximal decay (between the teeth), Sunrise strongly recommends X-rays be taken at least once yearlyX-rays are an invaluable tool in diagnosing dental diseases and should always be part of your annual dental routine.

Regular dental recare appointments and clinical exams at Sunrise, at least twice yearly, will keep your dental health on track. Since your oral health is a good indicator of your overall physical health, take care of your body by staring at the top…. with your teeth!