COVID-19 Updates

If you should be experiencing a dental emergency, please call the Dental Emergency number associated with your Sunrise Dental office.

SICKNESSIf you are experiencing any type of sickness or illness normally considered contagious; e.g. Influenza “(Flu”), Colds, Gastric disturbance , etc., please call our office to reschedule.  Stay home and get well, so we may see you when you are feeling better and so we may limit the possibility of the transmission of your sickness to others at our offices.  Please note, this request is made regardless of the issues related to the current COVID-19 situation.

PRE-SCREENINGTo insure the safety of all, our patients will be pre-screened prior to their appointment at our offices.  Below are the questions they will be asked.  If you know you will answer “YES” to any of these questions prior to your appointment, please contact our office for further assessment and for possible rescheduling.

  1. Have you been feverish or had a fever recently (within past 14-21 days)
    1. If so, what was your temperature, if taken?
    2. Your temperature will be taken and recorded prior to being seen (Must be < 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
  2. Are you recently experiencing any unusual shortness of breath or breathing difficulties?;
  3. Are you experiencing any unusual coughing?;
  4. Are you experiencing other flu-like symptoms; e.g. GI upset, headache or fatigue?;
  5. Have you traveled by airplane, domestically or internationally within the past 14 days?;
  6. Have you been in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 positive individuals?

CLOTH COVERINGSPursuant to the Executive Orders issued by Governor Whitmer, Sunrise respectfully requests that you wear a cloth covering/mask over your nose and mouth when coming to our offices.  If you choose not to wear a covering (other than during your actual appointment), we would ask that you wait in your car or outside our offices until you are notified we are ready to see you for your appointment.  We thank you for abiding by this guideline to protect you and our team members.  We will keep you informed as to when this requirement has been removed.

INFECTION CONTROL/PROTECTIONS.  As always, Sunrise continues to provide a safe and healthy environment for our patients and team members.  Sunrise will continue to update and implement disinfecting and sterilization procedures with guidance provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control),  American Dental Association (ADA), Michigan Dental Association (MDA) and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MI-OSHA).  We continue to acknowledge and encourage social distancing; have installed physical Plexiglas barriers;  use disinfectants and sterilization procedures that are proven effective against many concerning pathogens, including COVID-19; instituted a variety of “no-contact” protocols; and, have installed air purification systems that continually treat the air our team and patients breathe throughout the entire office.  Sunrise hopes these added measures afford comfort to and confidence in our patients and Team Members that these steps will help limit the transmission of communicable diseases at our offices.

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Dental Emergency Numbers

Canton – (248) 459-4367
Howell – (248) 459-5066
Redford – (248) 497-0655
South Lyon – (248) 459-3589